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Scott Boras Enters Weaver Suspension Fray

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UPDATE: Terry Smith just reported that Jered Weaver has dropped the appeal of his six-game suspension. He will likely start next Saturday night in Toronto. The article after this jump has been pretty much rendered moot.

There is a very simple news item of interest to Angels fans. Jered Weaver announced that he will be appealing his six game suspension in person to MLB, feeling the need to be heard along with his representative making a case for less of a suspension.

The two things of interest to Angels fans are what this means for the pitching rotation this week and what it means for the pitching rotation next week. Jered's representative is Scott Boras, who obviously feels there is a chance that Weaver will have the suspension lowered to four games or fewer games and not miss a start. Talk about a rare win-win for Arte and Boras, we would get the best argument guy on earth (apologies to Turks Teeth) working to get us one more Weaver start than MLB has said should take place.

Boras has a deeper motivation - he wants to be able to phone every Cy Young voter in September and remind them that Weaver's character is not an issue as indicated by a reduced suspension. Boras will do the weaving of Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen asking for the headhunting with their nontraditional approaches to decorum.

Weaver could have taken the suspension immediately and he could have taken it after Friday night's game and he might even take it before the first pitch tomorrow. He would then be on track to pitch Saturday in Toronto. If Boras can rep like a rep should rep, Jered may be on the mound Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium in front of the New Jersey faithful.

Gotta hand it to Mark Saxon, a blogger from an ESPN internet website - since the only force in sports more wretched and self-interestedly dangerous to everyone around them than ESPN is agent Scott Boras, you know that Saxon will be towing the company line of rubbing implications about Boras ruining things for the Angels like sandpaper on a chrome bumper. If Boras comes in between Angels fans and Jered Weaver, ESPN wins, even though Saxon's internet blog is the source of more mudslinging and sinister manipulation of fan relationships with their team than Scott Boras will ever be. And so the narrative about a supposed "bad guy" coming in between a great player and his fans by operating outside the interests of the team is woven by the master manipulator media themselves, despite all sensible evidence to the contrary.