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Adrian Beltre Hamstring Reinjured Live on Twitter

...Tweeting's just another word for too cute for words...
...Tweeting's just another word for too cute for words...

First you have to see Adrian Beltre running the bases hard in Arlington this afternoon, a day before he was eligible to come off the disabled list. PHOTO OF CHARGING BELTRE.

Okay, now... Don't go reading the tweets in that picture below in order. Please. For the dramatic pace and entertainment value and to appreciate what watching a slow motion plane crash is really like, you have to read these following tweets about Texas Rangers All-Star 3B Adrian Beltre from the bottom of this screenshot to the top.


Okay now that you are back at the chronological end of this post, I can continue with what transpired, tweetwise after that wham-a-thon. After that rollercoaster, the tweeatege poured in, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and perhaps a hundred tweets.

You see, after all that... someone tweeted a picture of the Rangers squad giving a lonely, dejected and possibly re-injured Beltre some space. How much space? Well... a WHOLE LOTTA SPACE to be sure...

Reminder: The Angels lost Kendrys Morales on a freak ankle injury last May and he is not expected to play again for the team until next April at the earliest. Had to put that there in case anyone wants to blame the neck and neck division race on Ranger injuries instead of good things about the Angels. You see... tweaked hammys, groins and boo-boo pain is a part of the game.