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Tyler Chatwood Presents Ludacris Pitching in Angels Loss

Final score in Anaheim: Mariners 5, Angels 1


The Angels stayed one game behind the Texas Rangers in the American League West as their alleged fourth starter suffered the two-out bat-crack blues. Speaking of crack, Ron Washington sent out Neftali Feliz for a one-run save chance in Arlington and Ole Teixeira Bait choked up four runs to the Indians, winners of a close one deep in the heart of Texas.

Tyler Chatwood did not pitch the game that the Angels will need from him down the stretch. When your # 4 pitches like a #7... uhh... not good. With Jered Weaver accepting a six game suspension before the start of tonight's game (suspended for doing the right thing), the Angels have a pitching conundrum, but wait... the offense has scored 2 runs in 19 innings against the weakling Mariners.

With Joel Pineiro headed to the bullpen after a terrible outing, where do you send Chatwood? There is Hisanori Takahashi in a pinch, Matt Palmer, Trevor Bell and the AA Winz King Garrett Richards. So that is six pitchers who can be the Angels' #6 starter. After their "Big Three" little impresses in the Angels rotation and Chatwood's glimpses of brilliance are flickering a lot less often as the scouting reports make their way around the league, hitters adjust and the 21-year old Righty just keeps getting carded on his fat two-strike fastballs.