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Garrett Richards Pitching Debut Wednesday

First, read our scouting report on GARRETT RICHARDS, drafted in the supplemental first round of June, 2009 by Eddie Bane. Richards was, in fact, compensation for the Yankees signing Mark Teixeira.

The call has gone out to AA Arkansas yet again. The Angels will be bringing up Garrett Richards to make his major league debut in Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night. Should Dan Haren eat a lot of innings in the first game of the series tonight, Richards may only be asked for five steady innings tomorrow in the Bronx.

A blowout will bring in the man he replaced, Joel Pineiro, out of the bullpen. Monday's off day will offer up well-rested Hisanori Takahashi, or Bobby Cassevah if the Angels are close, Aussie cutter Rich Thompson if the contest is tied in the sixth and of course Scott "Shut" Downs (tip of the cap to Greg for calling in that nickname) if the Angels have gotten ahead of the Yankees.

With their 40-Man roster at its limit, look for Horacio Ramirez to be sent through waivers unless Freddy Sandoval or Francisco "Wolverine" Rodriguez (I think VR29 tweeted that nickname into existence earlier this year) are sent to join Kendry(s) Morales on the 60-Day DL.

His numbers away from of the Double-A pitchers paradise that is Dickey Stephens Park in Little Rock Arkansas are a bit frightful (Home: 1.86 ERA, .196 avg against, 1 HRs - Away: 4.57 ERA, .258 avg against, 7 HRs as of July 28, research courtesy of TurksTeeth), but Richards has the Tyler Chatwood type "gamer" makeup that Mike Scioscia and Mike Butcher love, heavily overcompensating for what balances out as merely above average and nowhere near great statistical accomplishments. In the minor-league dimensions of the 214-ft Steinbrenner Stadium bandbox, GR will likely struggle as the endless battle between character versus talent will take centerstage just a short commute from the Bristol Conneticut capital of casual fandom that garners couch potato media attention.