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Angels Call Up Minor League as (yawn) Fans... Drift to zzzzz


September 1 is the date that Major League rosters expand to 40 players. Will the team be bringing in reinforcements? As tweeted by Bakin' Bill Shaikin, the Angels have called up four Salt Lake Bees to fill out the roster, check out the (lack of hit) parade...

1B Efren Navarro - He had a great season in the thin air of Salt Lake but is behind Mark Trumbo and Russell Branyan. An extra inning game or a blowout will see him making his major league debut. Otherwise it is pine time.

OF Jeremy Moore - With Mike Trout fighting the fourth outfielder role the only playing time for this guy will be to spell the aches of a long season in RF of Torii Hunter on a day a Lefty is pitching, Trout is in LF and Vernon Wells is DHing. Dude might get one start. Moore is an exciting player except that there is nowhere here for him to play.

SS Andrew Romine - Highlight of his career so far is wearing jersey #18 once worn by Orlando Cabrera. Passing Freddy Sandoval in the depth chart is not exactly something that should be your job application highlight.

LHP Horacio Ramirez - In the 1990 hit Can't Touch This, there is this dramatic pause where MC Hammer says "STOP" and the music halts for a majestic half-second before he says "Hammer Time" and the resumption of the beat and melody intensifies in significance without altering, speeding up or needing to be any louder. Ramirez is Mop Time which might be the 180 degree opposite of everything associated with Hammer Time.

With Kevin Jepsen recovering from knee surgery and Michael Kohn requiring as much playing time as possible to work out the kinks in giving up gift homers, the only possible additional callups after the Bees end their season on Monday would simply crowd out or water down what is already up here. I could list them here for an exercise in showing off that I visited the Bees website, but beyond Alexi Amarista there isn't a difference maker for us in the minors at all.