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Derek Jeter Tribute Divides Angels Management From Fans

The logic of Angels President John Carpino: Let's make sure the frontrunning bitches and their fat wives who infest our stadium for every New Vermin Yankees road game of Anaheim have a reason to stand up and cheer for their queen Captain on the occasion of reaching an odometer turn on the counting stats turnpike.

Midsummer, LA Times fossil Bill Dwyre was sniffing Jeter's jock in public on the pages of the rag he blogs for and mentioned the fact that the Angels were planning a tribute to Jeter. Is Carpino hoping to be hired away by the Yankees organization? Outrage among Angels fans grew until the team was forced to explain to fans (and there have been many published versions of their written retort to Dwyre's hot scoop) that no tribute was planned.

Maybe Carpino is just hoping to become the first Catholic mayor of Laguna Beach, as the Angels presented Derek Jeter with a Laguna Beach artist's painting of the Yankee legend before Friday's game. So far, so good, management's consistent patronage of terrible painting and Carpino's actual preference of the Yankees remained intact while in the dark as to the proceedings was every last Angels fan who only knows Jeter as the homonculus enemy of everything West Coast culture and style stand for, let alone a despised opponent.

And then this shit happens during Friday's game...


Bottom Line: Someone Must Pay For This Rubbing of Our Noses in East Coast Dogshit in Our Own Kennel.