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Angels Gift Yankees, Lose Altitude

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 5, Yankees 6


Over the weekend the Angels played the Yankees while the Arlington Addicts played the Oakland Pitts. Toughest three games for us, easiest three games for them, standings the same after the pair of three game series were thru. Not the best results considering that at one point the Angels were up 5-2 in this game, but the Halos are still in the race, down 2.5 games with 16 to play, lots could break the team's way as the Texas pitching slowly dissolves in the coming autumn wind. Other than swapping a high draft pick for meaningful September games and visions of October, what more do you really want? Yeah, we know, two and a half games.

Ervin Santana took the loss as he allowed 12 men on base and 6 runs. Mike Scioscia gambled on one of those "see how starts the 7th inning" bets he makes all the time with pitch counts in the 90s and late leads. Ervin allowed two baserunners who both scored on a decidedly Un-Gorgeous Bourjos leather-smack glove mishap in CF.

There was a point later in the game with the Angels trailing by one, first and third, one out and Torii Hunter at the plate facing Rafael Soriano with a full count. Torii was going all in on his swing for the fences when he held up on a high inside pitch. He was called out on strikes and Joe Girardi argued for batters interference to declare Bibby Abreu out at stealong 2B (to no avail). One of the crabbier posters here went into a maudlin tirade about Torii so in need of being "the man" that he was not being a good teammate in trying to just get the run home or take the walk.

It is a vexing question, what should have been, in ten-second reflexive hindsight. But with Vernon Wells benched for leaving 9 mean on base in yesterday's game and complete comprehension of everything the Yankees lineup means in close games not to mention Mariano Rivera off in the distance, Torii's urge to break out is completely understandable. On a day that Peter Bourjos flubbed an easy fly ball and looked downright tired after a long season, Hunter's leadership may not be in keeping with the Angels run-producing creed, but it is hardly to blame for today's loss.

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