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Jeff Mathis Meltdown Allows 5 Runs to Anemic A's

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Final Score in Oakland: Athletics 6, Angels 3


If the Angels are going to trot out the worst player in baseball because of his alleged skills at handling pitchers, framing pitches and calling games from behind the plate, they will have to live with the shame of putting the season in the hands of a gutless incompetent instead of just lamenting a lousy start by their lousiest pitching option late in the season.

Joel Pineiro looked like the worst pitcher on Earth with catching hack Jeff Mathis unable to make any of his flat, lifeless pitches look even close to being a framed strike. Imagine how good Jered Weaver and Dan Haren would be if someone else was behind the plate assisting them to the next level of greatness instead Mathis parasiting their greatness into fooling the likes of Mike Scioscia and the garbage-penned Spencer. JP gave up two walks and a HR in the first inning and that set the depressing tone for the game.

In the top of the 4th inning, down 3-1, Howie Kendrick singled and Torii Hunter doubled to lead off the inning. 2b and 3B, 0 outs and a Mark Trumbo strikeout, a pathetic Vernon Wells short flyout and Mike Trout fly to CF underscored just how worn out the good guys are after overachieving for two months, how selfish Wells is to not just roll a groundball to the left and take the Ribby and how neither Trumbo nor Trout in '12 will be rookies of the year with Mickey Hatcher tweaking their swings. The 9/10ths empty Oakland whatever it is named this month Colisseum has been their Achilles heel this season as much or more than the 100 degree nights that the Texas Rangers are cursed with.

Halos are 3 back with 15 to play. Heatstrokage have 14 games left.

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