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Angels Benching Rookies. HALOLINKS!

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44 and 44
44 and 44

Radio Commercial on the Rex Hudler Wonder Dog Show up on eBay
The bidding for your own commercial on the Rex Hudler Wonderdog Show is open on eBay and starts at $50, or buy it now for $500! And you can LIKE his Show's FB Page too!

Slumping Rookies Trumbo & Trout Take A Seat
Both players are stomping the asses of Wells and Mathis into oblivion but they get benched.

Meeting on the Mound from Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Someone's cool Flickr photo of a Halo Mound Meeting is up for public viewing.

25 Years Go Today: Bob Boone Scores from 2B on a Sac Fly.
The 1986 Angels had one slow-ass catcher in the person of Bob Boone, but he tagged up at 2B on a sac fly and just kept running. Dick Schofield scored from 3B and when asked why he ran, Boone said he knew he wouldn't be able to make it home by walking.