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Leon Wagner Traded, 1963; Angels Bottom 50 Moments #50

I was going to wait for the offseason to start this series, but hey folks, why put off tomorrow what you can do today? Let's stick a fork in 2011 and relive the lousiest games, trades, tragedies, and blunders that have occurred in Angels franchise history.

Welcome to the saddest series in Halo Land... Our countdown of the Bottom Fifty Moments in Angels Franchise History. If a real fan loves their team win or lose, a real fan should be able to relive the negative in order to better enjoy the positive.

MY METHODOLOGY: Things that transpired count. Things that did not happen are forgiven. "Things" is defined by what it is not: Things are not ongoing time periods (beyond single games) such as whole seasons, compiled records or specific reigns by team personnel. So not trading Brandon Wood and Jeff Mathis for Roy Halladay does not factor into the countdown. Neither does not drafting Lou Whittaker (etc.) as every team passes on future greats so regularly that the science of scouting is certainly incriminated when 20th century drafts are examined closely (although if there were a Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan situation, please bring it to my attention), nor does Jackie Autry not signing Roger Clemens in the early 90s. So on that note...

#50 Leon Wagner Traded. Angels trade 9+ WAR.

Outfielder Leon Wagner was an All-Star for the Angels in each of his first three seasons which were also the team's first trio in existence. Ten days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy saw the team trade "Daddy Wags" to the Cleveland Indians for pitcher Barry Latman and 1B Joe Adcock.

Wagner would hit 96 HRs in the following four seasons and amass just over 9 WAR with his bat. Latman was a wash. Adcock played over 300 games in three seasons for the Angels and amassed 5 WAR under the Halo, hitting 53 HRs. Wagner played in over 700 games, 457 of them in 64, 65 and 66.