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Jerome Williams Quality Start Wasted in Angels Loss

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Final Score in Extras in Toronto: Blue Jays 3, Angels 2


With a chance to step right up into the Wild Card Race, the Angels hacked into quickly-ending-inning chaos at the plate and fumbled on the artificial turf of Toronto just enough to hand the Blue Jays a victory on a silver platter.

Both Halo runs were on solo homers - 1 by Torii Hunter and the other by Mark Trumbo. Hacka-hacka-hackaway allowed Blue Jay starter Ricky Romero to avoid nibbling, allowing him to throw 110 pitches in 9 innings.

Jerome Williams had a tough inning mid-game but was dancing through raindrops brilliant, throwing 53 strikes of his 90 pitches in 6.1 IP, striking out 3, walking the same and allowing 6 hits. The Angels have a strong contender for 4th Starter in 2012... and after the miserable loss in extras tonight it looks like that is just about all they have to look forward to.

The bottom of the 10th was sloppy, gutless and inexcusable on the part of everyone involved on the field, in the dugout or wearing a red baseball cap in the stands.

That is all. Kiss your season goodbye. Texas Magic Number is 5 for the Al West and the Wild Card Magic number against us is 8 for the Rays and 7 for the Chowd Sox and counting down as I type oh why the heck do I even bother to type these words that only sadistic horsepoking Rangers fans will read, laughing aloud as they recite my dirge to their illiterate ma and pa wearing flannel shirts and eating chicken pot pies on the porch under the stars that will still twinkle when every last baseball stadium has corroded away into the eons and not a soul around will understand the thing called baseball that gave early man such emotional pain.

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