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Week 23: LanaBanana on top with 15

Well, things certainly haven't been smooth this week. And please note there were some fixes for the Fri & Sat results due to some errors on my part. They should be reuploaded and fixed now.

But LanaBanana didn't do too bad this week, as she rocked the standings with 15 points. 2 others were just behind at 14... and a whole slew of players at 13. Check where you stood here!

Overall? 44FAN looks like he has run away with the gold now with a 9 point lead. But the fight for second can go to anyway. WiHaloFan, blast21dave, tanana40  are 2 points away from each other respectively... who could it be?

The PPG race has Andyman on top (144/131 - 1.099) with WiHaloFan just behind him (150/137 - 1.095)


Overall Top 10:


44FAN 159
WiHaloFan 150
blast21dave 148
tanana40 146
Andyman 144
bc56274 143
stuck in Romania 141
Big Game Hunter 138
LanaBanana 135
mustard_man 134