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Angels Pitching Walks in 4 Runs

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Final Score in Loserland: Angels 5, Twins 13


Angels pitching walked FOUR runs in. No, Angels pitching did not just walk FOUR batters, starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood did that and one more all by himself in 3.2 innings. Angels pitching walked FOUR batters with the bases loaded. Joe Mauer was scratched before the game because he wanted to go on Pirates of the Caribbean and found out the line is much shorter at 7:30 PM so Ron Gardenhire gave him the night off. Justin Morneau is still nursing a hangover. So there was just no reason to walk Twinkie batters in droves, let alone batters with the bases loaded. Nine batters walked in all, FOUR with the bases loaded.

But despite it being BIG BANG Friday, did the Anaheim Fans' Asses of Seats stick around and spend money in the stadium waiting for this turkey to end? Nope. They didn't buy nachos, hot dogs and overpriced fiftieth anniversary crap. Like your Los Angeles noodle arm pitching staff of Frontierland, their boots were made for walkin'...

Hopefully Fernando Rodney is DFA'd tomorrow. No, I take that back, it is 10:30 PM Pacific, show him the door tonight. Hopefully Arte Moreno kicks the ass of Tony Reagins out onto the curb in four weeks. They aren't sticking around for fireworks and they won't be sticking around for concessions and souvenirs during the remaining 14 home games with trashy pitching like this.

I will admit to sadistically enjoying the lingering shots on Mike Scioscia watching the season slip away as his choice of relief pitching handed one of the worst teams in baseball a gift victory. A season of playing Jeff Mathis, a dumping of Mike Napoli and your welcoming of a turd named Vernon Wells have given you 74 wins and what appears to be an unhealthy 33 pounds on the Mike SS Tub O'Lard and his CERA-coated sunflower seed lasagna. He just stood there and stuffed his fat face, Lasorda style, as the house of cards he overpaid for collapsed in front of a half-empty Friday night crowd. If you ignored all the ugly billboards, it was as if it was Mike's first season here all over again. What a long strange and shitty trip its been and Scioscia drove the bus into this ditch, Buck Rodgers style, and at least Buck had a driver to blame back in '92.

UPDATE: And the god of baseball analysis, gladhander Lyle M. Spencer can smugly assert that Hank Conger allowed those 13 runs. What motivation is there to offer incisive analysis about a franchise where the general Manager's head is up his ass, the field manager's head is up his ass and the team website reporter brags that he alone has stuck his head up his ass 4,000 times? None!