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Black Tuesday HaloLinks

Our LunchTime HaloTalk Live internet radio show will be back next Tuesday at Noon and we will be talking Angels regularly throughout the offseason. If we had won last night and Boston had lost that second game, would we be doing the show today? Probably, I know I would be a lot more enthused. But that is the best thing about being a blogger, though, I only have to answer to my heart. And after last night... Nothing I can say, total eclipse of the heart.

As goes Vernon Wells, so goes Vernon Wells’ Twitter account
An amazing, must-read piece by Sam Miller.

Mike Trout at 116 PA
Mike Trout will not qualify for Rookie of the Year next season if he records 15 more Plate Appearances this season. Think that possible marketing bonanza will elude the front office from making a phone call?

50 years Logo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Take a last look at an historic marketing campaign.