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Dan Haren Bruised Not Busted HALOLINKS!

<em>An owie.</em>
An owie.

News Item HALOLINKS After the Poll...

Dan's Wrist Be Bruised, Not Busted, After Liner Beans It. ...Update on Dan Haren at the OC Register is upbeat. A Fluoroscan revealed only a mild bruise from Haren's 8th inning wrist beaning. What is the "Fluoroscan" crap? Any word on Doctor McCoy's Tricorder reading?

Mixed Feelings for Bane ...OC Register catches up with a legend. Guess who the Tigers are a-scared of in the playoffs? The Los Angeles Headhunters of Anaheim, that is who. So they sent their top scout to Toronto to dissect the team. Who would that be? Oh, former Angels director of scouting Eddie Bane. Thanks, Tony.

Change in Gold Glove Rules Could Benefit Torii Hunter ...It is the Chicago-based LA Times always right on top the obvious.

Blue Jays Fans Letting Wells Have It ...Lyle Spencer knows quite a bit about the fans letting him have it and is putting his new found perspective to work.

The Baseball Analysts: What Would It Take to Hit .400 in the 21st Century? ...An in-depth article. Basically if Jeff Mathis has "Bat .400" on his bucket list, well then... he's better off playing the lottery.