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Torii Hunter HR Keeps Angels Wild Card Hope Alive

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 4, Athletics 2


Reclamation masterpiece Jerome Williams got the Win and Jordan Walden got the Save but it was a 2-Run HR by Torii Hunter that put an exclamation point on the 86th Halo victory of the season.

The Angels are 2.5 games behind the Red Sox with 4 games left to play. The Red Sox have 5 more games, beginning with a doubleheader against the Yankees on Sunday. In between Boston and Anaheim are the Rays, a mere 1.5 games behind the disappearing Chowds.

Williams allowed 5 hits and 2 walk in 6.1 IP. The bullpen held the Oakland Alsorans until the 9th inning where a walk turned into a second run but, let's face it, Waldo had electric gas tonight and the tying run coming to the plate did not even faze him or you or me. Torii's bomb had put this one in the refrigerator long before.

Mark Trumbo left the game with a sore knee. Efren Navarro would have gotten an AB if the bottom of the 8th inning had extended one more batter. Oh well, the kid looked a lot better in uniform than in his rookie hazing outfit.