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Angels Get Their A's Kicked 6-5

Remaining Angel fans who think their is still a chance after Sunday's loss.
Remaining Angel fans who think their is still a chance after Sunday's loss.



The Angels actually found a way to get our hopes up and break our hearts a FIFTH time this season.

You too young to recall The Donnie Moore Game? Well, it was a lot like this one. Except more people actually believed in that team, and that team actually believed in itself and the stakes were of course much higher. Oh and that was a playoff caliber club. But that was a taste of the misery that followed around fans of this franchise for about 16 years, sixteen long, listless years with an occasional pause to build us up just to let us down.

And so the heartbreak of the The Jordan Walden Game is a lot less historically painful but it is a load of misery nonetheless. Sure, a lot would have had to happen to make the most magic comeback in team history occur and of course we are not mathematically eliminated but ...there you are. Your 2011 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The fifth best team in the American League and magnetically incapable of veering up or down from such heights of mediocrity. Walden has a whole career to redeem himself. This team has three games in which to just disappear.

Thanks to cupie posting this, I was gloating about the possibilities coming the Angels way in a room full of Dodgers fans who then poured it all back on me. All of it and more. And when the dust cleared and the mockery ended I stood up and said "I will take what happened today and what happened all season to the Angels, with the Angels and by the Angels own hand over what is happening now and will likely continue to happen in Chavez Ravine." And that is all I got. I can't really even vouch for Arte at the moment, but I can be glad for what we do not have. If not having that is all we got than at least we got something. At the moment that is all we got. (-RevHF reporting on cupie's post)