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Angels Lose As Rangers Regulars Desperate to Avoid Yankees

<em>Sometimes... the silence can be like thunder...</em>
Sometimes... the silence can be like thunder...

Final Score in Anaheim: Texas Rangers 10, Salt Lake Bees 3


Who's afraid of Derek Jeter? Ron Washington's back-to-back American League West champion Texas Rangers, that's who. Incautiously denying his regulars some needed rest, Washington, who has admitted to using cocaine during a road trip to Anaheim during the 2009 season, pitted his postseason starters against a conglomeration of Angels scrubs not named Jeff Mathis. Can you say relapse?!?!?

Meanwhile, do you think the Detroit Tigers are a little upset at Carlos Guillen mouthing off at Jered Weaver earlier this year? Maybe wishing Justin Verlander had shut his trap about Erick Aybar bunting in order to break up a no-hitter against the Tiger Ace who will have to take his fat mouth on the road to start the 2011 ALDS if the Angels phone in Wednesday's finale like they did Tuesday's minor league laugher.

Of course you might forgive Angels fans for rooting for the Yankees or Tigers after the fawning announcers of the Angels drooled at the Rangers regulars looking so awesome against Tyler Chatwood and Jerome Williams, you know, #8 and # 17 on the team's depth chart coming out of Spring Training. Abandoned Angel Mike Napoli hit two homeruns for the Cokestraws and the cowards at Fox Sports West feared to show Tony Reagins sitting in his box seat on the club level drinking a cup of coffee and solving a complex Farmville transaction with a high speed laptop connection.

Six years ago tonight, THOUGH, it was a different story.

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