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Kendry Morales Alleges Comeback. Halolinks

Attack of the Kendry Morales articles:

Morales Improving After Second Surgery, But No Timetable For Return
The LA Times has two articles that are almost the same but with two different headlines because The Times is a total google hits Ho-Bag of an operation.

Kendrys Morales Making Big Progress Toward Returning
Article #2 from Mike DiGiHOvanna at The Times tabloid exaggeration sheet.

| morales, spring, angels - Sports - The Orange County Register
I have to reproduce exactly above the page headline from the OC Register to show they not only are losing the great google chase, they are being conned by whoever is doing their website to garner even a modicum of traffic. Anyway, this is their me me me me too Kendrys Morales article. I wonder if the OCR will exist at all in a year or two. The Times is gaming it to maintain traffic. The OCR is dawdling.

After reading all three I am still not in the Kendry Komeback Kamp.

Mike Napoli's success at Texas makes Angels fans fume -
I gave this one a fanshot last night. Just gotta share the pain again for you morning birds.

Ervin's Wife Preparing Gift Baskets
A photo of Ervin Santana's wife. Pretty hot.

Alexi Amarista, Jeremy Moore - Flickr
Two Future Angels. Actually current ones but you know what I mean.

6-4-2 — an Angels/Dodgers double play blog: Hey, Dodgers, You Can Have Scioscia Back: A's 6, Angels 5
Rob McScareduck has officially given up on Mike Scioscia and I cannot say I am too far behind him.

True Grich: Faithful till the end
No writer is as much a refreshing Angels optimist as James at True Grich. Nobody.