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Mike Napoli Stake in the Heart of Angels Ends 2011

Sometimes... it just makes sense.
Sometimes... it just makes sense.

Final score in Game 162: Angels 1, Mike Napoli 3


All of the Texas Rangers runs came off the bat of Mike Napoli in the final game of the season for the Angels. Their 76th loss of the year was pinned on Jordan Walden in the September 28 Box Score but we all know that it can be pinned on Mike Scioscia and Tony Reagins and Arte Moreno on January 20.

The Rangers finish the season with a sweep of the Angels in Anaheim. Texas will host the AL Wild Card winner on Friday at home, second seed in the American League. Detroit plays the Yankees.

Pinch hitter Bobby Abreu, representing the tying run in the bottom of the 9th with a man on 2B and 2 outs, struck out to end the inning, the game, the season. At precisely the same moment, Dan Johnson hit a game-tying HR against the Yankees to keep Joe Maddon's hope alive for his Rays. This synchronicity ensured that the Angels went unwatched into that good night. Goodnight Angels fans, see you all on April 6, 2012... Opening Day.

(actually we will be here all offseason, you don't have to use a bizarre string of search terms like "antiquated fratboy message Angels boards" to find the biggest, best, most active, most hated, most loved and most stylin' Angels blog on the planet; this team might be goin' nowhere but we ain't)

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