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Bobby Cassevah Survives Jeff Mathis in Angels Win

<strong>BAMMO SLAMMO</strong> <em>(no Texas cocaine involved)</em>
BAMMO SLAMMO (no Texas cocaine involved)

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 10, Twins 6


With Bobby Abreu and Bobby Wilson on the bench, Bobby Cassevah threw 37 pitches in 2.2 innings of gutsy pitching in relief of Jered Weaver, the ace who has been sabotaged by his tired, worn out, has-been personal catcher Jeff Mathis. The Lyle M. Spencer -approved Angels catcher couldn't work his usual Cy Young CERA magic allowing 9 hits in 9 innings caught. But he was catching on three days rest, so you have an excuse to use for your next dose of published "analysis", Lyle).

The Angels ace allowed 6 runs on 8 hits in 5 IP. He walked 3 but struck out 7 Twinkies. Cassevah allowed 1 hit to the 9 batters he faced. After a long night of lousy relief pitching on Friday, the bullpen was no longer a misnomer, it delivered relief.

The bats were alive, as rookie Mike Trout had his first 3-hit game and rookie Mark Trumbo hit his first career grand slam early in the game. With cruddy Minnesota relief pitching in late, Peter Bourjos and Vernon Wells hit solo shots to add some cushion.