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BIG SPLASH! Tony Reagins resigns as Angels general manager


Remember when we thought we had a Ninja in the front office? Once upon a time, this site...nay, this Angels Community...actually made t-shirts that gave an inside joke-ish, nod-and-a-wink style shout of approval for our new GM, Mr. Tony Reagins. He signed a soon-to-be fan favorite Torii Hunter in a Del Taco, for pete's sake (in Corona, of all places)! He would swoop in at some random, unexpected time and BOOM!...the Angels would have a new player or two. I still remember seeing Joe Saunders in tears, in a post-game interview, after he'd learned (at about the same time the fans did, as well) the Angels traded him to Arizona for Dan Haren. Again, pretty Ninja stuff he was doing there. But, nonetheless, it was a great move, as was the Torii Hunter signing. Alas, the surprise Saunders/Haren ninja attack would be the last time Tony Reagins helped this ball club. We all know what would come later, but I'll sum it up as quick and painless as possible: we traded a really good guy for a very mediocre, and extremely expensive, guy. And with that, the guy we thought was Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe ended up being closer to Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja.

But this is not a day to dwell on the past couple seasons of exorbitant payroll with nothing to show for it. No, this is a day to celebrate. We, the Angels fans who give a damn, wanted this guy to step down or be fired. And it happened. Let's hope he's replaced by someone a little more astute in the ways of Sabermetrics; someone who shows up to the Winter Meetings; someone who will do whatever it takes to pull the trigger when necessary. Or...who knows? Maybe deep down we all know Mike Scioscia is the real GM and...wait. Nah, you know what? I'm not even going there. There's plenty of time to think about the ins and outs of the front office, who will replace Del Taco Tony, etc. Until then, we should just enjoy this. Drink deep, ladies and gentlemen. Tony Reagins resigning ALWAYS goes down smooth.

Thanks to Mayhem for the write up. In addition, thanks to all the Halos fans who posted links to the Ninja's resignation. This is your team. This is your voice. Halos Heaven... welcomes you to the New Decade!