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Week 21: bc56274 rakes in 18... 44FAN lead to 10

Well, this week certainly let you grab a lot of points! And with only a few weeks left in the race... these points certainly matter!

Week 21 featured bc56274 hitting a 'weekly results' record of 18 points. He wasn't alone as 4 others were right behind at 17!

As for the overall results... 44FAN has certainly hit his stride and now has managed to get a 10 point lead over 2nd place WiHaloFan and Andyman.

44FAN 133
WiHaloFan 123
Andyman (^ 3)
blast21dave 120
tanana40 (v 2)
bc56274 (^ 1)
stuck in Romania (v 1)
Big Game Hunter 115
drtrix (v 1)
mustard_man (NEW0

And Andyman's was able to take advantage of the point boost this week... and has taken over the lead in PPG with a 1.017 clip! (drtrix and raaddad are also over the 1.000 mark as well)