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Are There Old Timers Amongst Angels? Halolinks!

<em>Hey Old Timer!</em>
Hey Old Timer!

Lotsa Angels Links after the poll...

Old Timers Lead Angels
While that headline COULD be about Sunday's game with all its thirtysomething veterans pitching in, it is actually the game recap headline from an Angels game 45 years ago this week; the Angels beat the Kansas City Athletics with clutch efforts by Joe Adcock and Jimmy Piersall, 38 and 36 years old respectively (comparable to Bobby Abreu and Torii Hunter). And nowadays the headlines all read "Veteran Players" instead of "Old-Timers". It is kind of funny because the press back then was all complicit in not reporting scandalous news but was unafraid to call an old man an old man, whereas today the media thrive on scandal but suck up to players by using all these polite terms in headlines.

Los Angeles Angels Rotation Strongest Among AL Contenders
Ken Rosenthal sees the Angels going deep into October. I triple-checked to make sure he had written this article recently and there it is, the date: Sept 4, 2011. Wow. Thanks for the vote, Kenny Bowtie!

The time the Giants called Jerome Williams the wrong name for two entire years
Sam Miller reveals that every coach and player called Jerome Williams "Jeremy" while he was with the team.

How have Angels remained in playoff hunt?
Henny Youngman asks the question that keeps the Rangers up at night more intensely than their cocaine.

Right-hander Bell recalled from Triple-A
Lyle Cera-Spencer reports the news with his usual "company man" upbeat adjectives: Versatile right-hander Trevor Bell checked into his familiar corner of the Angels' clubhouse on Sunday, reclaiming a spot on the pitching staff for the stretch drive. Wonder how fondly he talks about his kitchen's mop, because that is all Bell is going to be out of the bullpen.

Mashore Eyes Milestones - San Bernardino County Sun
Inland Empire 66ers manager Damon Mashore has already made the playoffs, so now he is just helping individual players pad their stats. Always done. Rarely talked about. Except this time.

Angels journeyman still fielding his dream
Mike DiGiovanna gets all sappy, and why not? If this is the final ode written to Reggie Willits, it is a fine piece of sentimental writing. Of course, leave it to the LA(ker) Times Sports Section to get the guy's name wrong in the headlines, and not just by a little. Undoctored screenshot:


and finally...

The First Angels’ No-Hitter -
Everything you need to know about the first no-hitter ever pitched in the Angels organization.