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A Decade After The Attendance Drought. Halolinks!

Paul Giamatti as Dan Haren
Paul Giamatti as Dan Haren

GREAT PHOTO: Eric Kay Twitter Account: Darin Erstad throws out first pitch
Linked above, Halo great Darin Erstad throws out first pitch with his kids at last night's Angels game.

September 6, 2001 Angels Box Score and Play by Play
Ten Years to the day that he threw out that first pitch, Erstad played a big role in a comeback win for the Winged-Logo Disney Halos. Last night was also the tenth anniversary of the lowest paid attendance crowd at Angel Stadium/Edison Field since its 1996 remodel: 13,763... they say the darkest hour is right before the dawn.

Rangers Put Bush-Meat Poachers in Their Sights -
I did not get a chance to read this article about some suave fans in Arlington seducing Laura Bush in her front row seat at a Rangers game while Nolan and George went to get a beer, check it out, let me know the details, okay?

Bill Dwyre: Angels bringing the heat at the right time -
I suppose that unlike his Jeter Tribute debacle of an article, Bill Dwyre did not leave it to an intern to write the headline on this article.

World's Quietest Pennant Race - ESPN
It's as if the Angels don't quite know what to make of this race, so they ignore it.

Wait a minute - ESPN is shocked that after lathering the YankSawx with national coverage, the only interesting pennant race in all of baseball is "quiet"? Is Bristol, Connectacont also the home of the world's largest douche-kit factory?

Richards Providing Some Relief - Pasadena Star-News
Well now, a little old lady from Pasadena will get to walk out to her front lawn and pick up her home-delivered copy of the Pasadena Star-News to read about Garrett Richards returning from the disabled list and being assigned to the Angels bullpen. And then she will have an ink smear on her nose later in the day and one of her kids, jockeying for position with the inheritance, will buy her an iPad. She will then download the free SBN iPhone app, create an account here and mock our knowledge of this game. And she will never read the Star-News Angels coverage again.

MLB Playoff Race Heats Up - Neon Tommy
What is awesome about this pathetic article is that it is from the Annenberg School of Journalism and it reads like one of those bloggers who started a blog in 2008, wrote every day for a week, than once a month and now makes a "playoff race" entry as the first time he has visited his blog since opening day.

The Annenberg Foundation (a dirty mid-century quasi-mafiosa ankle-breaking family turned shit-don't-stink regal patrons of the arts) literally spend tens of millions of dollars on antiquated notions of journalism and the utter pablum linked above what they produce in the age of dynamic blogs.