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Four Angels Errors at Home Sink Chances

<em>Say hello to my little friend!</em>
Say hello to my little friend!

Final Score in Anaheim: Mariners 2, Angels 4 Errors


When Felix Hernandez is facing your team, it is not a good idea for your glove to take the night off. Perfect defense would have won this game 1-0 for the Angels, but bad hops, bad choices and bad luck conspired with some bad performances against King Felix. Of course, when the Rangers play Seattle later this month, watch them miss out on having to face them after the Angels see him twice in 5 games. You know what that is called? Fate. Sometimes fate is cruel and sometimes it just makes you wait a little longer. Oh and hey, the Halos get to face CC Sabathia on Friday when the Yankees visit for three games, gosh, is that where fate transforms into destiny... and not in a good way?

And so fate has now made the climb for the team a little steeper with 20 games to play. Ervin Santana took the loss after pitching much better than he did last week in Seattle when he got the win. Mike Scioscia used three catchers in a game for the first time in memory after carrying three on the team roster for 1/3 of his twelve season managerial tenure. Fate, cruel fate, it makes you wait, a few more weeks... or more. Blame it on ...A Simple Twist of Fate. That is all.

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