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Mike Trout Named Minor League Player of the Year. Halolinks!

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Angels FYI: Mike Trout is minor league player of the year

Well lookie there, we got a pretty good baseball player on our hands!

1st Round of the 2009 MLB June Amateur Draft

Look back at the first round of the 2009 draft - the Angels drafted Trout and Garrett Richards, who pitched a scoreless inning last night. They also took Tyler Skaggs, who was traded for Dan Haren. So this is the draft that keeps on giving and Tyler Kehrer and Randall Grichuk are still working their ways through the minor leagues. All that came courtesy of Mark Teixeira and Frankie signing with the New York teams.


Angels have a 4.6% chance of winning the division.

True Grich: What if?

James at True Grich encourages you to believe that 4.6 could be 99.9.

35 Years Ago Today

Don Kirkwood kicked the Royals' asses. They used to be in our division.