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Matchup 6; Round 1: Turks Teeth VS Highland Halo



(These will only get worse if you don't give me something to work with)

So Far:


Coming Up:

Jan 13th:
rghan (9) VS DonoRomantico (24)

Jan 15th:
2pintsofbooze (12) VS pattimelt (21)

Jan 17th:
George Kaplan (5) VS Moondoggy (28)

Jan 19th:
WiHaloFan (2) vs BIG KGame 2448 (31)

Jan 21st:
cupie (10) VS BrianHarvey'sMustache (23)

Jan 23rd:
Stirrups (7) VS YETIJUICE (26)

Jan 25th:
SubOptimal (3) VS Halos in DE (30)

Jan 27th:
ryanfea (14) VS RexTookMyStash (19)

Jan 29th:
Casey'sKissofDeath (11) VS ladybug (22)

Jan 31st:
RallyMonkey5 (6) VS BigTizzie (27)

For those of you who didn't catch Tuesday Lunchtime Halo Talk and missed what the reward could potentially be, you might want to tune in next week to find out. I personally think its amazing and am super bummed I am no longer in the running for such an excellent prize. DoV moves on after a close match versus yours truly and Comm Nate takes care of business in a flurry of sideburns and awesome. Opie did her absolute best, and more power to her. I think she will be more mentally prepared for next year, and I consider her a dark horse for the 2013 bracket. Vegas future odds have her at 25/1, but I think that will shift over the year.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or just want to say hi contact me at and ill get back to you fairly quickly on my new shiny phone.


If you have your write up prepped and ready to go, email it to me ahead of time. It would be much neater to have it in the story when its posted as opposed to waiting and it being lost in the shuffle. So, take note of the schedule and prep your case, email it along with whatever you want your visual representation to be and I will make sure your influence is felt immediately. Thanks.