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Matchup 8; Round 1: 2pintsofbooze VS pattimelt



(These are significantly more difficult to make on a laptop touchpad. I have no idea if pictures of food that people eat is trademarked, if so, that is kinda scary. I mean that patty melt isn't even existence anymore. Its been devoured. It made a delicious journey to the bowels of nummyness. Ok, Im done)

This one is going to be a bit short due to the fact that I am not only on my laptop but also because Im tethering my cell phone to get an internet connection. Next post will have more beef. This entire story is making me hungry now.

Dono Romantico lost. He must have kicked a baby when I was not looking and rghan jumped epically in the air, caught the baby, signed Pujols on the way down to the ground then gave everyone candy because..... damn.

I was happy Rev updated us all on Halowood. Made my weekend that was full of kind of strange happenings. Last night, in fact, a burly white older chick got kicked out of a bar I was at. No big deal right? Well its a big deal when she got kicked out because she literally tried to start a fight with me because I have a mohawk, then when I ignored her she told me she was not only going to fight be but murder me. A circle formed. The movie bloodsport flashed into memory.... but except for that beefy (mmmm beef) asian guy who Jean Claude fought it was a mid 50s fake blonde with a tramp stamp.

I definitely would have lost. She was built like a line backer, drank like a sailor and smelled like a free clinic. Im glad the bouncers stepped in an "escorted" her out. I am getting too old for this nonsense.