A Cautionary Tale: Protecting Your Angels Gear

Hey all - I know I haven’t waited a long time to post, but I really wanted to talk about David Wright - he’s so dreamy. Just kidding, sorry...

Actually, I just wanted to share a cautionary tale about memorabilia.

I’m part of a website where you exchange old paperback books and I noticed that someone had posted the Angels’ World Series Championship book with cd-rom. I had never picked up a copy and wanted to read it, so I ordered it, not expecting much - most of the books you order are in varying states of either “pretty good,” “pretty worn,” or “book that I dropped in the sand at the beach, then spilled beer on when I leaned over to pick it up.” I hoped for the best.

When I got the book, my first thought was “There’s gotta be a mistake!” The thing is in beautiful condition and the cd-rom is still in its sealed envelope. And- wait, no, is that an autograph on the first page?! Yes, and on ensuing pages, more autographs! And from the back, out fall two player photos, each signed!

Someone was collecting the autographs from the 2002 championship team - someone was LOVING this book.

Obviously as a huge Angels fan, I’m instantly like Golem on the One Ring: “My precious!” But the rational part of my brain finally rises up and says, "No, this is a mistake - this is a mom cleaning out her son’s room who’s gone away to college and just didn’t know what it was."

So, I email the woman who sent it to me, and explain what it is, the autographs and cd-rom, the photos, and how I’ll mail it back, no problem if she wants. Her answer, word for word:

It's was my ex-husband's book. I figure if he wanted it, then he would have kept it. I hope you enjoy it.

So, the morale of the story is: Keep your most important Angels gear in an suitcase in the closet by the front door for easy access in case of fire, earthquake - or divorce.

Anyway, happy to be here - looking forward to 2012!

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