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Wednesday Halolinks: More Home Runs For Pujols, More Hope For Wells

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Vernon Wells gives a thumbs-up before spinning his wheels again.
Vernon Wells gives a thumbs-up before spinning his wheels again.

Pujols power Halolinks:

  • As Rev noted in this FanShot, there's a new Angels blog out there providing some good content. In their latest posting, Halos Daily looks at Vernon Wells; What If Vernon Wells Were A Free Agent? - Halos Daily. Although I somewhat disagree with the conclusion (I think Wells would get more in free agency...a little less than Carlos Beltran's 2yr/$26M deal with St. Louis), the post does give us some hope for a Wells bounce-back, "Players typically stay close to their career averages in BABIP. Wells, for example, has a .282 BABIP over the course of his career. He’s finished eight of his ten seasons with a BABIP within 20 points of that career average. In 2011, Wells had a gruesome .218 BABIP, which clearly contributed to his terrible .218/.248/.412 slash line. This is a sign that we should expect Wells to bounce back significantly in 2012."
  • One good sign that your post is good is when it gets picked up by another site. Halos Daily's Pujols piece was the basis for Sam Miller's recent posting: Albert Pujols and Angel Stadium and home runs - The Orange County Register. As noted in both articles, we might see more Pujols pokes leaving the field, "Albert Pujols in 2011 hit "a remarkable 16 balls that were either doubles or flyouts that would have been home runs if they were hit at Angel Stadium." Pujols had 37 HR last season, and if my 3rd grade math is correct,we may be watching the first Angels' hitter to blast more than 50 home runs in a season in 2012.
  • Oh, and then there's the four-letter network guy who pilfers your post without giving you the proper credit: Will Angel Stadium boost Albert Pujols' power? - ESPN Los Angeles. Mark Saxon mentions Sam's article, but fails to recognize the genesis of the conversation at Halos Daily. Anyway, there is this, "According to ESPN's Park Factors under the "Resources" tab, Busch Stadium was one of only five major-league stadiums where it was harder to hit a home run than Angel Stadium."