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Tim Salmon is on the Cooperstown Ballot

Look at the 2012 ballot after the poll...

Baseball's 2012 Hall of Fame player selections will be announced Wednesday. Anyone from the current ballot who receives the requisite number of votes will be inducted this summer along with the late Ron Santo, elected to the hall by the veteran's committee last month.
  • To be eligible of inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame, a player must have played at the major league level in at least TEN seasons and have been retired for at least FIVE years.
  • While these are the only qualifications, voters are asked to consider the accomplishments on the field and the overall character of the player.
  • A candidate must be selected on 75% of all returned ballots to enter the Hall of Fame - that would be approximately 433 of the 575 ballots (based on the most recent returns).
  • For candidates who receive less than 75% of the vote, a vote from a minimum of 5% of the returned ballots is needed. A candidate is eligible to remain on the ballot for 15 years. After that, the candidate can again be considered by the veteran's committee.
  • Currently, the Hall selects the cap that the player wears on his Hall of Fame plaque. The voters are members of the Baseball Writers Association of America.
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown, New York.

  • The 2012 ballot contains 26 players, including the debut of Angels legend Tim Salmon.

My selections here are in red - Which players below would you choose?

HOF Candidate Year on the Ballot 2011 Voting %
Dale Murphy 14th 12%
Jack Morris 13th 53%
Don Mattingly 12th 13%
Alan Trammell 11th 24%
Lee Smith 10th 45%
Mark McGwire 6th 19%
Tim Raines 5th 37%
Barry Larkin 3rd 62%
Edgar Martinez 3rd 32%
Fred McGriff 3rd 17%
Jeff Bagwell 2nd 41%
Juan Gonzalez 2nd 5%
Rafael Palmeiro 2nd 11%
Larry Walker 2nd 20%
Jeremy Burnitz 1st -
Vinny Castilla 1st -
Brian Jordan 1st -
Javy Lopez 1st -
Bill Mueller 1st -
Terry Mulholland 1st -
Phil Nevin 1st -
Brad Radkie 1st -
Tim Salmon 1st -
Ruben Sierra 1st -
Bernie Williams 1st -
Eric Young 1st -