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Matchup 11, R1: cupie vs BrianHarvey'sMustache

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(Don't judge my effort, BHM thanks for the email)

I've had a rough weekend, have to do this mostly via phone and apologize for this being late. Ill keep the poll for this one up an extra day, tomorrow will be the next planned matchup as scheduled. BHM's emailed case he sent me will be posted below because i hate SB Nations phone app. Also, I love puppies.

Jan 23rd:
Stirrups (7) VS YETIJUICE (26)

Jan 25th:
SubOptimal (3) VS Halos in DE (30)

Jan 27th:
ryanfea (14) VS RexTookMyStash (19)

Jan 29th:
Casey'sKissofDeath (11) VS ladybug (22)

Jan 31st:
RallyMonkey5 (6) VS BigTizzie (27)

(Note: I think we want to replace Tizzle with someone who is more active. Make suggestions below and lets get it figured out before the 31st.)

I am curious to know if Rev had some sort of answer from the tech guys about the potential reward of this whole thing. Eyespy's complete lack on interest made me think of a completely different tournament idea, inspired by the emails I've received. If Rev is feeling up to it maybe we can get a Lunch Talk thing going soon and discuss such matters. Until then I have ten showers to take.