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Remember Ray Charles Chadwick? Monday Halolinks

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Happy Year of the Dragon!!!

Albert Pujols: The Three Hole Dilemma
The Halo Hangout Blog says to bat Albert fourth.

Ayala now on Angels’ radar
Still waiting on word of Luis Ayala signing somewhere, anywhere...

Hahn inspiring beyond baseball
After being paralyzed during a game, Cory Hahn continues to be an inspiration on the baseball diamond.

Sydney Leroux scores five goals in memorable homecoming, but still hears "Judas" taunts
The Angels used to have their AAA team in Edmonton, Canada. The Edmonton Trappers had a pitching prospect named Ray Chadwick. His daughter has dual citizenship. See how an Ex-Angel's daughter was treated with "sportsmanship" in an international meet.

Disappointment over Pujols persists
Really really really nice, wholesome people try to describe not being happy with the Albert Pujols signing.

Anaheim - - In Big Time
Sportswriter Jim Murray was the first writer to seriously propose naming the California Angels after the city of Anaheim. He devoted a whole nationally syndicated column to this in the Summer of Love, 1967, when Anaheim Stadium hosted the All-Star Game. It is linked here.