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Angels Blessed by Prince Fielder Signing

Every time that Mitch Moreland hits a harmless fly ball to end an inning for the Texas Rangers in 2012, send Tigers owner Mike Ilitch and team GM Dave Dombrowski a little thanks. Faced with the loss of Victor Martinez to a knee injury, the Big Cat Braintrust called the Bat Line. Prince Fielder signs for 9 years @ $23 MIllion per.

Scott Boras proved patience pays as much as it saves seasons, and Detroit's was not the only season that got saved in this epic turnaround. The Angels benefitted as well... they get the pleasure of Fielder not being on the Rangers and hitting in their roidesque women's softball ballpark for 81 home games.

Oh sure, the Rangers were favored, they are the golden child and everything Nolan wants, Nolan gets and they had squeezed Boras, didn't you read about it, it had to be a fact, Boras was going to get Prince a one-year deal in the same offseason Albert Pujols got a quarter billion dollars, Rangers fans analyze the whole thing objectively, they have it all figured out, just turdstomp your away around their cogent methodology.

With the addition of Yu Darvish for $111 Million, it was looking like the Rangers had their sites on stealthfully adding a player this offseason who had actually played in the major leagues. Always one strike away those Arlington Glory Hogs seem to be. Meanwhile, Erick Aybar has a bunt waiting for the 1B - 3B tandem of Fielder / Miguel Cabrera enough to put a smile on Justin Verlander's face. We can worry about Team Lay Land in October. Team Dallas String Bean just got more than a little skinnier today.