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Wednesday Halolinks: Prince Fielder Gets Away From Texas, Moneyball A Hit?

No Princes in Texas edition of Halolinks:

  • Besides my family, baseball, movies, and music are the things that occupy the most time in my brain. So when 'Moneyball' opened in theaters back in September, I was at the first showing on the first day. And guess what...I hated it. And apparently so did a couple other people. During the showing, three people got up and left the theater. I remember thinking that the movie was slow, almost boring. Anyway, it looks like some disagree with me: 'Moneyball’ gets 6 Oscar nominations: How many can it win? - Yahoo! Sports. "Moneyball" the movie continues to surprise and excel. It received six Academy Award nominations Monday, including four biggies: best picture, lead actor (Brad Pitt), supporting actor (Jonah Hill), adapted screenplay, film editing and sound mixing." A couple of weeks ago Rob Neyer wrote this: Live-Blogging 'Moneyball' - Baseball Nation. It's an interesting exercise in blogging.
  • In case you missed it: Prince Fielder signs a nine-year, $214 million deal with the Tigers - HardballTalk. Craig Calcaterra writes, "This is really off-the-wall. Partially because (a) the Tigers just last week said they weren’t going to go down that road; (b) the Tigers already have an all-world first baseman in Miguel Cabrera and, after this year anyway, a really good DH in Victor Martinez to whom they owe a lot of money through 2014; (c) Prince Fielder doesn’t get along with his dad, and if he goes to Detroit he’s going to get Cecil Fielder questions all the time." Off-the-wall is right, as a couple links after the break will point out...


  • Rob Neyer goes through his Twitter feed in reviewing the Fielder signing: Prince Fielder According To Twitter - Baseball Nation. "So apparently this was his (Boras) strategy all along: Bypass the front office -- you know, the people who know what baseball players are actually worth -- and go straight to the top, to the guys who think it's a good idea to put pineapple on top of pizzas." I also found an interesting tweet regarding Fielder: Twitter / @jonmorosi: "Jon Morosi #Tigers are indeed pursuing Johnny Damon, source says. At this point, he's a stronger possibility than Derrek Lee." Okay, that was sort of unfair as that tweet was from a couple of days ago, but it does point out how out of left field the Fielder to Detroit was. Just yesterday morning Mark Saxon wrote this: Exploring Bobby Abreu's future - ESPN Los Angeles. "It could be that the Angels and Tigers are deep into talks about how much of Abreu's salary Detroit will pick up. It could be the Angels are waiting until they get more information on Morales." Or the Tigers are waiting on more information on that other guy they're talking to.
  • Easy question, at least for me: Would You Rather Have: Pujols or Fielder? - "Obviously if Fielder signed for half what Pujols did -- especially being younger -- he'd be the choice. But we now have contracts that are essentially apples to apples, as they're close enough in average annual value."
  • Finally! It was just yesterday I was lamenting having to endure more Cordero rumors: Report: Blue Jays sign Francisco Cordero - "The Blue Jays have signed free agent reliever Francisco Cordero to a one-year, $4.5 million contract" Looks like that's a pretty team-friendly contract. I wonder what the terms were the Angels had offered (if they did indeed make an offer)?
  • OC Register's Mark Whicker has used that photo-story thing the Register is so fond of: Early look at pumped-up American League - The Orange County Register. Here's the best part of the post, "Reader Comments Comments are encouraged, but you must follow our User Agreement. 1. Keep it civil and stay on topic. 2. No profanity, vulgarity, racial slurs or personal attacks. 3. People who harass others or joke about tragedies will be blocked." Yesterday's post is even worse: Angels: Will they live up to the hype?
  • Here's an interesting development: Yoenis Cespedes establishes residency in Dominican Republic, already a free agent? - HardballTalk. "Cespedes recently told Dionisio Soldevila of the Associated Press that the Cubs, Marlins, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers and Indians have shown the most interest in him. However, it’s possible the Tigers will be less willing to pony up after agreeing to a nine-year, $214 million contract with Fielder earlier today. Still, most expect the 26-year-old outfielder will end up with a contract richer than the $30.25 million deal Cuban left-hander Aroldis Chapman signed with the Reds two years ago." After Trout, the Angels seem to be lacking an impact player in the outfield. How fun would it be to see an outfield of Trout, Bourjos, and Cespedes in 2013? Of course, that is if he lives up to the hype. Here's a little more on the Cuban defector: Report: Cespedes gains Dominican residency - ""He's a five-tool guy, built like an NFL running back," one scout told Danny Knobler of "He has tremendous raw power, with all the tools to be a 30-30 guy in the big leagues. His mother pitched on the Cuban national softball team, so he has athleticism in the family."
  • Source: Koji Uehara rejects trade to Toronto - ESPN Dallas. "Texas Rangers reliever Koji Uehara refused a trade to the Toronto Blue Jays, according to a source. Uehara has a limited no-trade clause that includes six teams and Toronto is one of those." Although he had a horrible post-season, Uehara still seems like he'd be a decent addition to a bullpen...unless Texas knows something no one else does.
  • Bob Daly says selling Dodgers to Frank McCourt was 'horrible mistake' - ""Now look at the absurd deals made this off-season. They have signed a bunch of B players to two-year contracts, paying them 25% this year and 75% next year so the next owner will have to pay them and be stuck with players he doesn't need."
  • Here's a cool story: Spinning Yarn: Last Pitch - Baseball Prospectus. "Today marks my last official writing for Baseball Prospectus, as I am joining the front office of the Houston Astros. I am excited about the opportunity to work with Jeff Luhnow, Sig Mejdal, and the rest of the Astros organization. I am eager to bring winning baseball back to Houston, and hopefully a championship club, too. The vision that Jeff and Sig have laid out is very inspiring, and I am excited about contributing my part to implementing and expanding it." I've had the opportunity to trade a few emails with Mike over the last couple years, and in our brief interaction, he's been awesome in answering my questions and providing resources. Best of luck Mike!