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M12, R1: Subop vs HalosInDE


(Halos rocking in the hoouuussee toonnnigghhtttt)

What we have so far:


I HAVE BEEN WAY OFF on a lot of things, however, the last matchup of Yeti vs Stirrups shocked the hell out of me. I was making the last Matchup thread thinking that I have not personally seen Yeti around and Stirrups might shut him out. I misjudged that as badly as Kendrys misjudged his jump into home plate (too soon?).

Some of these matchups feel as if they are being overseen by Country Joe West, blowing calls and allowing shenanagins based on bias and cowboy hats so much so that you come up with strange results, such as DoV beating me. There is the possibility that Lookout Landing is so bored and distraught by being trade Halowooded by the Yankees that they are sitting and voting endlessly to give their lives some meaning after they realize Ichiro is just a more feminine version of Yu Darvish with less hitting abilities. For years Mariner fans could take solace in the fact that even though they traded Doug Fister for a western gripped hand J they could escape to the fact that if they absolutely, positively had to go to a Japanese Gay Bar and pick up on as many dudes as possible that they had the absolute best wingman in the MLB in Ichiro. Now Texas has gone and screwed that up, and Yu got to think that since Texas has 280% more gay bars per capita than Seattle that a whirling Darvish will be had with the festivities of their newly acquired pitcher. Seattle now has nothing.


(This is what you get when you google "Yu Darvish Gay Bar". Not really that shocked, actually)

It dawned on me today for the first time that Albert Pujols is on the team. It fully hit me. Like a "Oh Holy Shit" moment. I mean I fist pumped the night away when we signed him but it never really clicked that in about 3 months we will be watching Albert Pujols in an Angels uniform hitting the living crap out of the ball. I can think of nothing more baseball-boner inspiring.

I would give you some insightful look into this matchup, however, I can no longer judge the outcomes of these things. Down is up, Up is down, Napoli is a virgin and Rev is pounding Jack Daniels in the corner while donning BoSox gear head to toe. Nothing is right anymore. None of the contestants emailed me anything to post, so, without further ado vote away.


Jan 29th
ryanfea (14) VS RexTookMyStash (19)

Jan 31st

Casey'sKissofDeath (11) VS ladybug (22)

Feb 2nd:
RallyMonkey5 (6) VS BigTizzie (27)

This took nearly three hours to publish. Ugh.