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Tuesday Halolinks: Salaries, Contracts, and Job Opportunities

First Halolinks o' the New Year:

  • Baseball Prospectus has a pretty cool salary tool and apparently it's powered by Cot's Contracts. Most of BP's stuff is behind a pay-wall, but this: Compensation - Baseball Prospectus is free...and worth checking out.
  • Another free article from BP looks at some recent Pujols and Reyes contracts: Bizball: Behavioral Spending: Inside the Back-Loaded Pujols and Reyes Contracts. "The Pujols deal, in my mind, actually makes more sense. Before you bash me summarily about the head and shoulders, it makes sense from a long-term dollars perspective. Adding arguably the best player in the game today, Arte Moreno may be able to garner hundreds of millions more out of the television deal. Even if Pujols is a shell of his former self in say, five years, having Pujols as a chip to bargain with as part of the TV deal absorbs that loss." It's somewhat easy to calculate the value Pujols will bring the Angels on the field, but there's so much more to having the best hitter of this generation on your team. This "extra value" is often overlooked when some are only looking at the impact to the batting order.
  • Oh, and look who's writing for Baseball Prospectus (this one you have to pay for): Pebble Hunting: The Three We Missed - Baseball Prospectus.
  • If you need some extra cash to pay for your subscription, there's this: Bugs & Cranks " Write for Bugs&Cranks; make millions*. "You gotta commit to at least a couple posts a week. It’s not as hard as it sounds." Yeah it is. Okay, maybe not, but they are looking for someone to cover the Angels.