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Phi Slamma VS DADOFVLAD Megathread; Matchup 4, Round 1


via I picked the wrong 12 hour period to stop drinking.

Continuing our pointless ridiculously important series to decide who is the number one poster of any time period dating back to the start of the website 2011 we come to my own matchup with the Dad of multiple Vlads.

I should not go on too long here as I figure it would be cheating, technically. Ill let my post I whipped up this morning do the talking for me. I have not seen DoV around too much recently, I hope it is only because he is preparing his post for this "bloodbath" (thanks 2pints for the apt buzzword).

I feel a lot better today and will be updating everything with link below so everyone can follow along and know whats up ahead of time. Thanks for your patience.