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Just a Note About Our Angels Fans Community

Be seated please!
Be seated please!

The goal of this site is to deliver great coverage of our favorite team and foster a sense of community for fans of the team and baseball to enjoy. The facts that the neutral QUANTCAST site ranks us light years ahead of any fan-backed Angels coverage might be enough but looking at the coalescing greatness that our community manifests recently just brought me enough joy that I wanted to share the perspective. Consider this...

Here it is the offseason and I tabulated the numbers of commenters on a thread concerned solely with the personalities of our community (the Phi Vs. DOV thread) ...

Roll Call: PhiSlamma, 5thStarter, ryanfea, mustard_man, hauldog, RexTookMyStash, Clutch, firebird81, 2pintsofbooze, Commander_Nate, highlandhalo, NathanielS, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, foxpaw, Halowitz, eyespy, red floyd, mattwelch, The Limey, johnnyangel101, Balls and Strikes, BigGame48, angelsownredsux, gitchogritchoffmypetis, Turks Teeth, Rally Manatee, snowhor, Moondoggy, blast21dave, halofan4life, Wally's World, ladybug, Stirrups, stuck in Romania, steelgolf, DAD OF VLAD, Mayheminthehood, b0rd3rline, Teixeira Who?, halofolife, Big Easy Halofan, opiejeanne, Rev Halofan, angelslogic, WiHaloFan, PieceOfAase, pattimelt, Frank158369, LanaBanana, autry's cowboys, Sorbo182, Persi W, YOUknowulovetheIE, Downing Rules, Halos2011champs
Total Users: 55 • Total Posts: 447

That is not a Pujols signing thread or a playoff thread. That is us going wild about our own lore, woven as an enmeshed fabric with our favorite team, integral to and inseparable from our relationship to the Angels themselves.

Managing and moderating an online community has its ups and downs, but to pause and realize that we have all created a pretty damn cool place for Angels fan all over the world makes me proud to be part of Halos Heaven specifically and of course, SB Nation/VoxMedia in general.

For all you lurkers worried about joining the fray, don't ever be afraid to speak your peace. Or your piece... (see what I did there). And if you are trepidatious about joining the conversation, you can at least be assured that we work hard to keep it as entertaining and passionate as we do to make sure it is informative. Welcome to Halos Heaven, where if we bite your head off, it will grow back and if we like what you say we put you in an elimination cage match with your fellow fans. Congratulations on being the best Los Angeles Anaheim Baseball fans in all of Internet, California. And thanks. Thank you all.