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Angels Eliminated During Game #160

Wild Season ends early as third place in the best division in baseball is not enough to make the postseason this year.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 8 Mariners 4

At least we kicked the crep out of King Felix.

In the eighth inning of the Angels game, the scoreboard changed form 9 to F on the Oakland - Tejas game. The A's had won, eliminating our LA Nine of Anaheim. It made me think - every title the Angels have won they have won on the field. But they could not go gentle into that good night, that cool dark autumn night that will soon turn to a cold, unforgiving winter. They were at the tail end of a game and some in uniform tonight may never pass this way again.

In the postgame interview, Mike Trout was almost crying talking to Jose Mota, trying to answer those STUPID questions that you just know that no-notes Mota makes up on the spot and often changes mid-question.

In case you are one of those green-eyed cynics who think the players don't care.

Idiot Jose pointed out that Trout is just three runs shy of the AL rookie record for runs scored, held by Ted DiMaggio. Hey, that is what Jose said.

It turns out the difference maker in the AL West was not Mike Trout and not Albert Pujols. it was Rangers closer Joe Nathan. Texas blew 9 saves all season. The Angels blew 23.

Let's hope Mike Trout scores four more runs and steals two more bags in the next two games.

As far as a game wrap for this one: C.J. Wilson delivered a pitch on the mound in the seventh inning. Ballgame!