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Friday HaloLinks: LA Angels - Waiting Room Edition

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As the 2012 playoffs meander on, we are granted episodes of true drama that are trampled without mercy by the overblown hagiography dedicated to whatever player is subject of that moment's TV air time fill. Of course, there remains that constant stream of OMG-THE-MOST-INCREDIBLE-MOMENT-IN-YANKEES-MOST-AMAZING-HISTORY!!! But, fundamentally, the purpose of these playoffs is merely to continue to winnow out one team after another which was terrified of having to face the LA Angels in a series in the first place.

Meanwhile, we wait. We wait to get past all this residual activity so that we can get down to the business of 2013. We wait to be dragged through the pending emotional dissatisfaction of 2012 Reward and Recognition. We wait to unleash Jerry Dipoto on unwitting General managers elsewhere. We wait for the next chapter of Mike Trout's career. We wait for Albert Pujols to settle in. We wait for the housecleaning of our bullpen. We wait to observe the smaller plots of the off-season, such as what happens with the decline of the likes of the Josh Hamiltons even as our own Trout rises.

We still have a few more weeks to wait. But it doesn't mean we have to remain idle. I dare you to digest all this in just one weekend!

Auction Of The Week: Pete Rose has decided to auction off his personal copy of the document that was sent to him by MLB officially banning him from baseball.


This Date In Baseball History (link): 1907: The Chicago Cubs have won only two World Series, 1908 (their last one) and 1907, which was concluded on this date when Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown shuts out the Detroit Tigers 2-0..........1916: The Boston Red Sox went 86 years between WS titles, from 1918 to 2004. Prior to 1918, their previous title came on this date in 1916 when they beat the Dodgers, at "Braves Field"!..........1920: The Cleveland Indians defeat the Brooklyn Robins for the WS title in a best of 9 format, 5 games to 2. Twelve years down the road the Robins will become the Dodgers, while five years earlier the Cleveland franchise was renamed from the "Naps", in honor of Nap Lajoie in a newspaper contest, to "Indians" - mythically in honor of Louis Sockalexis, Native American baseball player for Cleveland - in another newspaper contest..........1929: Hack Wilson of the Cubs loses two balls in the sun in centerfield as Philadelphia version of the A's score 10 runs in the seventh inning on their way to a 10-8 win in a series the A's will win in the next game..........1954: Those same Philadelphia As are sold to Arnold Wilson, who will move the team to Kansas City the next season. Among those fighting to keep the franchise in Philly is Charlie Finley, who will eventually buy the team while in KC and move it to Oakland..........1963: The one and only Hispanic All-Star game is played, which also happens to be the very last official MLB game played at the Polo Grounds (not September 18th, as most reports will state)..........1967: Boston does as Boston always does, finding some hokey theme to hang their hopes on and carry them to the World Series. This particular year it was the musical "Man of La Mancha", with "The Impossible Dream" as their theme music. On this date in that year their Dream is crushed by Bob Gibson, who finishes his third complete game of the WS and shuts down the BoSux with a 3-hitter..........1972: The A's, now in Oakland, dust off the Tigers in the ALC behind John "Blue Moon" Odom and Vida Blue, who will both get into a clubhouse brawl after the game..........1986...........2003: Jose Feliciano sings The Star-Spangled Banner at the start of the NLCS game between the Marlins and Cubs. Feliciano's rendition in 1968 did not sit so well with America. And some things never change, as he caught flack this year as well..........2009: The Chicago Cubs file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection so that The Tribune Company can free their grubby hand of sell the team.


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99) Spring Training Yearbook (This still has the 2012 data, but keep it bookmarked for next March.)

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This Past Week in Baseball Rumors. (Well, at least those most interesting to Halo fans...)


And now, being the full service weekend linkage institution that we are, here is the obligatory moment we take out of each Friday for beer:

The pickin's are getting slim, folks. Of course, their are Oktoberfests everywhere, as I laid out for you last week. Adding to that previous list you can dash out to Pomona and enjoy the LA County Oktoberfest at The Fairplex. Meanwhile, Friday we have the Oktober Beer Appreciation Night at Brewster's in LA. Saturday is Oktober Fiesta at Dale Brothers Brewery in Upland. And Sunday is Beer, Food & Magic at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood.

BONUS: has a review of America's Best Beer Gardens. Enjoy!!