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This Date in Angels Postseason History: October 14

The ALCS begins to slowly slip away from the Angels on this date in 2005...

Elsa - Getty Images

1986 - The Angels lose Game 6 of the ALCS to the Boston Red Sox by the score of 10-4

Kirk McCaskil was staked to a two run lead before he even took the mound as back to back RBI doubles by Reggie Jackson and Doug DeCinces made it two-zip immediately. Kirk walked Wade Boggs and Marty Barrett and gave those runs right back. 2-2 after one.

In the third inning, McCaskill gave up six hits. SIX. It was 7-2 by the time Gene Mauch came and got him.

Need I go on? The Angels had been one strike away from a 4-1 series win and were now down to a one-game winner take all match.

2005 - At home, Angels lose to the White Sox 5-2 in the ALCS, down 1 game to 2

It was hot, Santa Ana winds were blowing and John Lackey's curve did not break in air this dry. But the weather was never blamed. Every fan down to a man blamed one man: Doug Eddings. The fallout from his terrible officiating two nights before had barely dissipated and and he was booed loudly at the game's commencement.

Lackey gave up three runs in a shaky first inning and single runs in the third and fifth. Orlando Cabrera hit a two-run homerun in the bottom of the sixth but the anti-magic gloom pervaded. At the time, Lackey was the team's ace and anything but a shutout would have amplified that giant sucking sound that had begun Wednesday night in Chicago.

From the Halos Heaven archives, here is the GAME THREAD from that day and my POSTGAME RAMBLE... which when i read it kind of contradicts my account written from memory in many places, oh well.