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Tuesday Halolinks: Peter Bourjos Should Return To Centerfield, Even If Torii Hunter Returns

The Angels left Peter Bourjos on the bench for most of 2012, will they make the same mistake in 2013?

Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I like FanGraphs, I really do, and I usually agree with their opinions and conclusions. However, I completely disagree with something I read in this post: Jettisoning Wells, Finding Starters Key For Angels - FanGraphs Baseball. "The optimal playing time allotment for Anaheim would involve Trout starting 160 games, Trumbo 130, Hunter 130 and Bourjos 60 or so." Sure, no problem--Wells should have already played his last game in an Angels uniform, but to opine that Bourjos should get just 60 or so games next season is wrong. It was wrong that he had just 101 games in 2012, and that number is misleading as he went to bat a measly 195 times. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Torii Hunter return in 2013, but in a reserve role that doesn't take playing time away from Bourjos. Bourjos finished the 2011 season with a slash line of .271/.327/.438 and an OPS+ of 116, and although Hunter had a great 2012, there's no indication that his performance is repeatable. In the same season Bourjos was putting up respectable numbers (at the age of 24), Hunter provided relatively the same numbers: .262/.336/.429, matching Bourjos' OPS+ of 116. The 2013 Angels outfield should be Trout, Bourjos, and Trumbo, with Hunter, if he returns, backing up the outfield while also getting at-bats at DH.

Ah man...Angels Inbox: Will Torii Hunter return to the Halos next season? -
There have been rumors that the Braves are looking for a center fielder if Michael Bourn leaves. Do you think the Angels could trade Peter Bourjos to them? What about a deal involving Bourjos and pitcher Julio Teheran? -- Matthew C., Newport Beach, Calif.
Bourjos' future may hinge on Hunter. If they don't bring him back, Bourjos is probably the everyday center fielder. If they do, he may be expendable.

Our friend James from True Grich provided this excellent post for Yahoo!: Concession Speech: 2012 Los Angeles Angels - Yahoo! Sports. "I know that some of you would like to point some fingers at Mike Scioscia. Some of you would like to point sharp objects at Vernon Wells and others want to blame Albert Pujols' early season struggles or any number of things, but the fact of the matter is that this team's struggles should be directly attributed to the bullpen." Preach it, brother!

Q & A with baseball Commissioner Bud Selig -
You have been an advocate for new ballparks. In 2016, the year Angel Stadium turns 50, owner Arte Moreno can exercise an escape clause in his stadium lease. Do you believe the Angels need a new ballpark?
"I have a lot of faith in Arte. He is very marketing-oriented. He has never communicated to me any thought that he needs a new ballpark."Does he? They have drawn great crowds. The franchise has been beyond spectacular. They would have to make that judgment."
His marketing strategy has involved broadening the Angels' appeal beyond Anaheim — and adding Los Angeles to their name. Could there be an advantage to considering a move to Los Angeles, or do you want them to stay in Orange County?
"That is a judgment I cannot make. They have to make it. They live there. They understand the demographics. They understand where people are. You know your own market better than anyone else."

Baseball's stat geeks have gone too far - Lowell Sun Online. "And all these complex mathematical formulae! I don't believe there is any formula -- and many have been promulgated -- that can determine whether or not someone is a good defensive player. Only your eyes can tell you whether or not someone can play." But don't forget, you MUST have seen at least 4000 games to have a valid opinion.

I have a new hero: Ex-baseball player wins first Canadian cellphone throwing contest. "The ex-pitcher said he plans on giving his brother $1,000 of the prize money as a wedding gift while using the rest of the cash to make a "money bed" that he could roll around in." First, a company gave away $5000 to the winner of a cell phone throwing contest? Second, you just know he was giggling while rolling around in the cash. I know I would.

No show: Yankees try to disguise empty seats at ALCS by moving fans - Yahoo! Sports. "I don't know what it's about," the usher said. "I guess they want to make it look better on TV." No shit, Captain Obvious? Actually, they were worried the empty seats would get up and leave after seeing the Yankees offense.

Hey Bill - Bill James Online
I continually hear announcers talk about how a player is a fast ball hitter... I don't think I can name one player who would rather hit any pitch other than a fastball. What are they talking about?! Asked by: Florko Answered: 10/13/2012
Without data, it's hard to know. I always think. meet guys every week who tell you that they were outstanding baseball players until the pitchers started throwing breaking pitches. But you know, NOBODY really hits the curve. Most good major league hitters just take the curve unless it's going to be strike three, and try to hit fastballs. Slider is sort of the same; more hitters will chase a slider because it's harder to figure out that it's breaking, but. ..good hitters mostly lay off the slider and try to force the pitcher to throw a curve ball. Unless somebody hangs a curve in the middle of the plate, not that many people are going to hit it.

Moron. Francisco Rodriguez of Milwaukee Brewers was arrested for domestic violence - ESPN. "Schimel says deputies arrested Rodriguez at his Town of Wales home early Sept. 18 after responding to a 911 call from his girlfriend, with whom he lives and has a child. He says Rodriguez was booked and released on bond."