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Why Not Fire Arte's Cronies?

Fans who want Mike Scioscia fired despite the team having a better record than the playoff-bound Detroit Tigers might want to look at Arte Moreno's cronies from the billboard business if they want some heads to roll.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Even though the Angels will win more games in 2012 than the Detroit Tigers, the Tigers are going to the playoffs. Some people want Mike Scioscia fired because of this.

But when you look at the soft underbelly of this team, the management behind the scenes might be more to blame for the quality of the franchise than the mere field manager.

I was listening to the Angels radio station in the car. AM 830, you know, KLAA "The Home of Your Angels". First off, it is a stupid slogan as we know they are Arte's Angels and we know that Team President John Carpino has more of a say in the direction of this franchise than WE aka any fan will ever have.

Was the team president listening to the discussion on his radio station this afternoon in the three o'clock hour? Nationally syndicated ESPN talk radio was bashing BASHING Mike Trout and raving about the Triple Crown achievements of Miguel Cabrera. So the "HOME OF YOUR ANGELS" was reaming our best player, mocking him for not taking his team to the playoffs, insisting Cabrera's Triple Crown was a de facto MVP award, punishing Trout for batting leadoff and ignoring any shred of defense a player brings to the game.

John Carpino should resign or be fired. John Carpino added syndicated ESPN programming to the Angels radio station. Now THE HOME OF YOUR ANGELS has east coast carpetbaggers not only conversing on the intellectual level of third graders, but actively campaigning against the greatest baseball season by an Angels player ever. I was sickened hearing this and then sickened to imagine what other garbage this billboard industry bum has wrought upon the team as he rides Arte's coattails to reflected glory.

Of course, Carpino took over KLAA when Arte's other crony, then-president Dennis Kuhl, was kicked upstairs to "Chairman" after his 20-hours a day of colon cleanse salesmen, the terrible Ridin' Dirty and mortgage scam infomercials took the station nowhere. In the second biggest media market in the United States during the glory years of three consecutive division titles, Kuhl and Carpino combined for such a tin-ear to the wants of the team's fans that they turned to syndicated carbetbagging national talk radio broadcasts. And if that wasn't bad enough, today they were bashing Mike Trout.

Salt was poured into the wounds of every Angels fan listening to THE HOME OF YOUR ANGELS. The scary thing to ponder is this: Considering the one thing that we all know that both of them have touched - KLAA - has turned to such garbage, can we ascertain that everything they touch turns to crud?

Consider "Buttercup", Derek Jeter being honored pregame... as it adds up you wonder if Kuhl and Carpino got excited about bring marketable All Star Gold Glover Vernon Wells to Anaheim no matter what the price. After listening to Carpino's radio station, will our Team President be advocating a trade of Mike Trout? Hey, RBIs are soooo important they are in the Triple Crown and Mike just cracked eighty on the season so maybe his trade value will never be higher. Never say never when it involves Arte's Buttercup Do.

The world is full of average business administrators, managers and executives. The Angels should follow a disappointing season by firing Kuhl and Carpino, squanderers of three division title seasons and now losers three years running. If any fan argues this team needs new blood, imagine the incompetence going on behind closed doors in this organization and realize Arte needs to cut his ties to the one-size-fits-all twentieth-century thinking of his outdoor advertising lackeys. Take out the garbage, Arte.