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This Date in Angels Postseason History: October 22

Ramon Ortiz gets a W and John Lackey takes a bow

Thearon W. Henderson

2002 - Angels defeat Giants 10-4 to take a 2-1 games lead in the World Series

The first ever World Series game featuring a female public address announcer was played in San Francisco. The Angels blasted out sixteen hits and won 10-4. It was almost a laugher. Ramon Ortiz got the win. Hardy har har.

2009 - Angels beat the Yankees 7-6 in the ALCS to make it a 3-2 series.

Perhaps this is best remembered as the game the idiot fan went into the Centerfield fountain and the national broadcast ended a longstanding tradition of NOT showing trespassing interlopers who delay games in order to mock California fans.

This was John Lackey's final game as an Angel. When Mike Scioscia crossed the chalk line the second time in the seventh inning the lip-readers all could see Lackey was not thrilled. Darren Oliver almost blew the game in relief. Brian Fuentes almost did too. It would turn out to be the final victory for the Angels of the 2009 season, and in a way it portended many things to come. Scioscia just did not seem to have that managerial magic anymore after this contest. In a lot of circles, he is still trying to get it back.