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World Series Game 2 Thread

Fister @ Bumgarner (which, oddly enough, is British for "Fister")

Ezra Shaw

I think we learned last night that Justin Verlander is not a big game pitcher.

He whined when he lost the All Star Game

He whined when Erick Aybar bunted off him late in a close game that up to that point was a perfect game.

He whined and he whined and he gutlessly choked when the pressure was on him.

This was not a day game against the Kansas City Twins.

Not every team is from Easy Street AL Central or tired Senior Citizen East Coast media legacies out past their bed times.

And Verlander had his balls cut off.

Actually had them chewed off. By a Panda.

A gutless choker in big games, Verlander is the MV Nothing and so is Cabrera.