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Tom Kotchman Leaving Angels Organization

Super Scout, Revered Coach Tom Kotchman Has Left the Angels Organization

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Greg Fiume

Tom Kotchman, manager of the Orem Owlz and an employee of the Angels player development office since 1984 has left the organization.

Sources tell Baseball America, which broke the story, that Kotch was being eased out of his coaching role and asked to become a full time scout. Kotchman is quite revered in the Angels organization for both his deep ties to the team dating back to the Gene Autry era as well as his mentoring ability as a coach and manager of raw, newly-drafed talent. He also has a keen scouting ability and any Angels draftee hailing from Florida, from Scot Shields and Darren O`Day to Howie Kendrick and Mike Napoli, bear the Tom Kotchman seal of approval

While Kotch may be best known as the father of former Angels player Casey Kotchman, he was perhaps the most memorable person in the excellent Matt McCarthy memoir ODD MAN OUT (a must read for Angels fans in particular and baseball fans in general). While the racier side of minor league life put the Angels organization on the defensive, the fond portrayal of Kotchamn was humanizing and respectful. And hilarious. And shocking.

But the shock now is the bold severity with which Kotchman appears to have been treated. Stay tuned!