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Mike Trout Denied Gold Glove

Adam Jones wins with a negative 1.3 Defensive WAR versus Trout's +2.2 dWAR


Mike Trout did not win a gold glove.

Adam Jones won the 2012 Rawlings Gold Glove award for American League Centerfielders. Congratulations to Adam Jones of the Orioles.

The argument for Mike Trout was a classic case of using one's eyes and then checking the stats, which supported the superior defense this Angels great supplied, not to mention that he did not join his team for the first month of the season. Trout saved 23 defensive runs in Centerfield, leading the AL over Denard Span of the Twins. Span was not even one of the hyped nominees. So Adam Jones was not even first or second in the league at saving runs thru his defense at the position for which he won the Gold Glove. Is it time to boycott Rawlings?

In an editorial this morning, the Baltimore Sun lobbied for Matt Wieters and J.J. Hardy to win the Gold Glove at their positions (ARTICLE LINK). No mention of Jones in his hometown paper.

Michael Bourn of the Braves saved the most defensive runs of any Centerfielder this year, one more than Trout at 24 DRS (not sure if that is the proper acronym, apologies to the Dominican Rugby Scrimmage if it is not).

Bourn played in 16 more games than Trout. He would be more awesome if his first name was Jason, though, right? Right. And yet he would still not be as awesome as Mike Trout.

This primes the pump of our coming squeal over Trout being runner up to Miguel Cabrera for the AL MVP even when he was obviously superior in his overall game to Porky Wifebeater Pig who bobbled so many balls at 3B in Detroit that he qualified to work for the TSA.

This decision makes every gold glove awarded that much more cheapened.