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4 Division Series GAMES Thread

TBS will be broadcasting FOUR division series games.

Ralph Freso - Getty Images

All Games on TBS:

9:00 AM - Oakland Athletics @ Detroit Tigers (lead 1 game to none) - Tom Milone Vs. Doug Fister. A's fans get jobbed by the scheduling, what a joke.

NOON - Washington Nationals @ St. Louis Cardinals - Gio Gonzalez Vs. Adam Wainwright. Don Denkinger has been redeemed by the infield fly rule.

3:00 PM - New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles - CC Sabathia Vs.Jason Hammel. With Texas gone, let's hope the O's can ditch the next biggest bitch.

6:30 PM - Cincinnati Reds (lead 1 game to none) @ San Francisco Giants - Bronson Arroyo Vs. Madison Bumgarner. I wonder how much Darren Baker hates the Angels. I hope it is a lot.